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A short game made for the 2020 Game Maker's Game Jam with the theme "Out of control". The game features a cute blob that wakes up in its ship with the whole crew missing. The goal is to survive until the inevitable end. 

The "out of control" theme is achieved by making only one thing doable at once, when several would be available in a standard game, such as moving and shooting. The player will never feel that he is under control of what is happening. Instead, he is fighting with something greater than him. 

Without the crew, the player has to operate several of the ship function on its own in a constant struggle to pilot, defend and refuel it. Interacting with different consoles to control parts of the ship. Exploding and gathering ore fragments to recharge the reactor. Defending the reactor against an endless wave of jellyfish wearing mustaches. The situation will always be out of control, no matter how hard you try.

Controls: ASDW controls the ship, when you are at the correct console. Hold space to jump from an wall. Mouse aims jump and blaster. Click and hold to charge blaster, release to shoot. Use the blaster recoil to move around.

The game was developed by a team with three: khskarl as a visual artist, h3nnn4n as a programmer, and moreesh as the music and sound artist.

All feedback is welcome. Thanks for giving us your time ;)

Authorsh3nnn4n, khskarl, moreesh
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Aliens, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse